sniffle.. its not fair
happy face
i am a GOOD dog.
i work HARD i eat all my food, and any other food i can find....
and i take care of two of the most IDIOTIC sheep in the world...

and what do i get?
we went back to the place i had to stay in jail for so long, and i was worried.. because i always worry when i go there. they are nice people but i stayed there too long
anyway everyone was all "OMG is that BELLA" and " is that one of the PUPs?"

no, i am the MOMMA not one of the pups.

i had to get a "heartworm test"
and they stabbed me in my leg, TWICE

and there was a cat they wouldnt let me play with, and a dog they wouldnt let me play with...
and they said my test was "negative" but i still "passed" and i saw a lady who i remember from the time in jail and she told momma i BIT her.. but it was ok now...
i didnt bite her.. i dont think... i was so scared then...
but momma said i was sorry, and the lady said it was ok she was just scared. so i sniffled her and she petted me.
and mom and the people there talked
and talked
and talked

and you would think they would take me HOME..

but no, these stupid sheep LIVE in their car

so we went to a store.. and walked ALL OVER THE STORE.. twice!!!!
and mom kept asking if i had to go potty

and then we went to another store where we go to get human medication.. we go there all the time, and mom kept asking me if i had to go potty, but i didnt.. except i did..

and i had a accident in the store.

i was so embarrassed...
mom didnt say anything except to keep talking to everyone about me having just come from the vet. and dad showed up and they cleaned up.. and the store lady came and cleaned up.. and mom took me outside and dad went to get the medicine

and mom kept trying to have me go potty but i WENT already..

what a horrible day.
mom and dad tried to make up for it, but its still awful.

i went to a sheepy place!
happy face
today i went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.....


ZOMG so many people!

and it all smelled funny!
and i think i am allergic to something...
did i mention it all smelled funny and there were way too many people?????

there was some REALLY weird looking dogs, they go BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
and the smell just fascinating.

ESPECIALLY the one named " Karakul." it went by a bunch of times and mom just WOULDNT let me go sniff it!

mom almost fel over because of how many people. they kept bumping into her, so i tried to make her leave.. but she was just impossible.
AND she kept turning around, so just when i got her pointed to an exit? BOOM. and she cuts back

i dont know how the border collies manage. i only have two and they cant be kept moving in one direction, or even sitting still together, worth anything!

we met two other Service Dog teams.

the first was a "Doberman" and his human... but i wanted to go say hi and play and mom wouldnt let me!
she just kept saying NOT a dog park! working! and dad got right in front of me

i JUST wanted to say hi

the other human said her dog was overwhelmed when they first came.

the second team had a retriever and a human, but mom actually made us cross the street. snort.

saw some folks i remember from other places....
met some new people
still didnt get to get close enough to REALLY sniff one of those sheep....

dad had to sit a lot, his badk hurt bad, and mom was doing ok except people kept bumping into her and she would start to fall and i had to brace her.

mom is talking about getting a "Caucasion Ovcharkha information booth" next year.

i THINK she is joking......

people are weird
happy face
so, all because i cut my paw, i have been left home forever and ever (like a week!). mom says its because she is worried that i will get infections or something but i THINK they are just going out to eat and not telling me.

mom had something she called "final exam projects" which apparently involves fluency in swearing at sewing machines. i think she is pretty good at it.
oh and she says dog drool and cat hair don't go on silk.
she's wrong, they stick fine

anyway today she had Physical Therapy, without me.. sigh
and then dad came home and got me ad i went in the CAR again!!! YAY!!!!

we went to some big weird building, full of people who all made noise and it echoed. i dont like big buildings that echo, and crowds are no fun, there were strollers which are fun because they have small humans, but not fun because they have wheels that can run over my paws and tail. mom wouldn't even let me sniff the little humans. said i was working...

the floor was weird, mom said it was "marble" and i do not like it.
did i mention it echoed?
i TRIED to tell mom to leave..she did eventually.

she said i was good in the elevator and with the strollers, but not so good with the constantly trying to get us turned around to go outside again.

its called the "art musuem" and mom had to go for a school thing. she was awful tired from PT.. also she shook a bit and her heart was funny. i tried seeing if she should sit down.. or leave.. cause she seemed not well, but she said i wasnt REALLy concerned about her i just want to leave for myself

i can do both!
i can be worried about mom AND want to leave.

there was some excitement
happy face
i was just out in the back yard and gues what?
there was a DOG in my yard!!!!
one of those small ones that goes "MEOW!" "HISS" slash

i tried to play. i even play bowed at it. i thought i was being nice since it was in MY YARD.

they play funny. it even ran over me! it kept running into fences...
mom and dad got all upset, i guess because it was off leash?
dad grabbed my scruff and mom was over trying to play with it? i tried to help mommy but they got al frantic...

mom finally picked it up and put it down on the other side of the fence...
i dunno... i would have liked to have kept it!

anyway the other meow dogs inside seem awful put out, maybe they dont want another meow dog?

mom fell down again
happy face
we all went to an SCA event on Saturday. it was the same old thing... you know.. crowds, odd noises.. i was a bit confused at first because i hadnt been in a while (mom had been sick) but eventually i remembered and then it was back to YAWN

and then JUST as we were getting ready to go.. and daddy was starting to pack up things...
mom fell

she didnt fall as badly as she has sometimes (mom said she managed to go down kind of controlled)
but i was busy being petted and then mom called me and *she was on the floor!*

i went right over and tried to help

mom said i was very good.. i stood there and braced for her and let her pull herself up on my harness.
i was very careful of her and stayed close until i was sure she was ok...

oh! and today i chased off a possum!

everyone is sick
happy face
mom and dad are sick.. and mom had to go to the vet for some kind of test and today *I* had to go to the vet.

the vet says i have an upper respiratory infection that's "going around" and i might even have a very mild form of the flu!!! (i had shots for the flu... so if i have it its probably mild because of that)

apparently some doggies have come to the vets office very very sick, so the vet was glad i got brought in early. (mommy is a good mommy, but she does worry a lot) i have to take pills (actually i like pills, they give me treats for them)

the vet says i need more good oil for my coat (mom and dad were already ordering me some) and that my weight is ok even though i am now up to 120!!!! she said as long as my ribs feel like they do now i am ok.

i am only contagious to other doggies! so no dog park for a while :(
and no one who has doggies can pet me without seriously washing up for a couple days until the antibiotics take hold.

Holiday Wishes
happy face
mom says i should make a list of stuff i wish for.. i dunno, i got a new home, what more do i need?

but you know how moms are:

1. i like those freeze dried liver treats.
2. i like cheese more than i like liver treats. but mom says cheese doesnt ship well.
3. i like greenies. its a brand of treat and chew. they dont last long though.
4. i like Kongs and stuff (they are toys you can stuff full of treats so i keep busy at the doctor's offices)
5. you can get any of those (well except the cheese) at pet stores and some other stores, so maybe a GC would ship easier? (the local pet store chains are petco, petsmart, and pets plus)

6. i had my tooth pulled at a GREAT vet in Richmond VA that does discounted pet dental stuff, so i figure maybe i can help other dogs and cats by telling people about them: they were very good to me.

7. my chip in to help with vet bills and training costs

8. mom could use more books on training. she says she could especially use her own copy of "teamwork 1&2" (they are available as a set) available on Amazon.. all about training your own service dog.
(seriously she could use the books, she is REALLY slow to catch on)

9. adopt a pet, or volunteer at a shelter, or do something to help all the animals that were not as lucky as i was. i have my forever home, many of my friends do not.

10. friend me! here and on Facebook where i am Bella Cash (no underscore there) i like having new people to talk to!

wow its been a while
happy face
i kept going to post and then LJ was having trouble and then i would forget....

mom has been not too well, but i have been helping her all i can!

we are taking classes in obedience back at the PSPCA where my parents found me. its working slowly, my parents still are not that great at obedience but they are getting better! the teacher didnt have to correct mom nearly as much this time!!!!
they are getting quicker too.
they still turn the wrong way and forget stuff, and dont treat fast enough, but they are improving.
i bet i get my CGC on them soon enough!

we have been to some neat events...and mom says we are going back to Maryland this saturday.
i think they LIVE in that car, srsly.

i had my photos taken at a pet store. that was HARD. we were right next to the cat adoption center and i wanted to adopt a cat and mom and dad wouldnt let me.. plus we had all these other dogs and stuff....
but they say i will have some good pictures....

anyway thats whats going on.

busy day
happy face
we went to the dog park again YAY!
it was warm, but mom didnt think so... i played with a bunch of dogs.. there was this one pittie who played too rough, i was worried. after all, i am only a SMALL DOG

(note from Kirsten: Bella is 110 pounds, but she thinks she weighs about 35)

after a while we left and went to the vet.. nice folks there. i didnt see my doctor, just the desk ladies... but they gave me treats! and mom had me get up on the scale.. and now she is trying to figure out if i just have more muscle from more running, or if i am gaining weight too fast. i think she should feed me more, but she says all dogs think that.

then we went to.. a weird place. it smelled like kids, there were people at desks but not selling stuff.. they all seemed to know mom and dad... and they all thought i was pretty!!! and then they made mom go stand in a corner with a curtain! i guess she must have been bad. i didnt see what she did though....

she said i couldnt "vote" because i wasn't "registered". everyone laughed...
but i AM registered, i have a chip and a tag!!!

THEN i had to stay in the car. she said it was too much temptation.. and she came back with some nice smelling bags.. and when we got home i got MEAT!
if only it came with cheese sauce!!!!!!

(no subject)
happy face
i have to get up way early tomorrow because i am going down to Richmond VA for dental surgery.

between the actual costs, tolls, and gas its still half the price of the (admittedly fabulous and i love them) vet here in Philadelphia.

so...anyone i know near Richmond to help human sit my parents while they wait ?
know any good places for them to hang out?


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